Yule + Winter Solstice 101 : The History and Modern Benefits

Tuesday, December 21st is both Yule, which is a pagan Sabbat, and Winter Solstice. Having grown up in a Christian household, I was unaware of either of these things until I was in my twenties. …

This is a story about knitting, determination and human nature.

Last week I spent a day in bed sick. So I binge watched Grey’s Anatomy and knitted a Santa hat for my 1 year old Nugget.

As I effortlessly wove the yarn into form, often not looking at my hands…

Photo Credit: Jason Corey on Unsplash

I’ve been exploring a new conversation recently:

What is your relationship to Being Busy?

Is it something you strive for? Feel proud of? Feel like you can’t escape? Wish for? Our world has become so dynamic and quick paced that it seems everyone is always Busy all the time.


photo credit: me. from Philly.

You know that voice in your head that’s going all the time?

You may think of it as your thoughts, though for some of us it feels more like a sentient being bossing us around. For some, it often turns into a big bully that you can’t escape from.


Sunni VonMutius

Intuitive Strategist. Student of Life. Citizen of the Universe. Lover of humans — all of them.

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